This was our second and last day at the Children’s Book Fair, and it was great. We were more tired than the day before but much more focused on what to do and what to look for. We met a good number of editors and art director, proposing our all-in-one pack, reaching good results. Now we have a lot of contacts to spoil and some more  experience. Now we are definitely waiting for the fish to eat the bait…

……but every rose hat its thorns. We don’t want to polemize on this blog let’s just say that some people don’t simply know the basic rules of the correct behaviour when it comes to use the “Wall of cry” in Bologna. We woke up at 6:30 AM to hang our poster among the first on the Wall in the position that we thought best, without disturbing the others. If someone happens to arrive later in the day or the day after, or in a moment when the Wall is entirely occupied, it is unfair to just attach their poster ON someone else’s…we are “all in the same boat” and it is not prevarication that will make you a better illustrator, and surely not a better professional. Next time maybe you should wake up earlier and come at the fair’s opening hour.